Friday, March 7, 2014

Easy Craft Fair Herb Products

I found the following list in an article called At the Fair by Anne Kerfoot.  The article is from one of my recent book sale finds - the 3rd and 4th volume of A Basket of Herbs, which is a compilation of some magazine issues put out by Herb Quarterly in the late '70s and '80s.  The article caught my eye since I keep a running list of possible ideas that our herb club could create for future bazaars.  I share it here in case others need ideas along the same lines:

Herb Seeds
Moth Preventatives
Culinary Seasoning Mixes
Herb Vinegars
Herb Jelly
Herb Pillows
Lavendar Sachets
Cider Seasoning Mixtures
Basket Arrangements
Scented Calico Dolls
Herb and Spice Hangers
Hot Pads
Herb and Spice Necklaces
Greeting Cards with Seed Packets
Potted Plants
Wreaths and Bouquets
Tussy Mussies
Place Cards and Favors
Aromatic Bath Mixes
Fragrant Rubbing Lotions
Skin Fresheners
Herb Teas
Hair Rinses
Catnip Mice
Herbal Incense


Lori in Texas said...

Love this list, Julie... now I am wondering how to find the book for myself... I have taken that magazine for years but not THAT many years - ha!
Have great weekend.

Julie said...

I thought you might enjoy the list, Lori. Unfortunately, the author didn't give instructions or recipes for these wonderful things. Was wishing she would have!