Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Green Basket for St. Pat's

Here's a creative idea to treat someone with for St. Patrick's Day.  This green-filled basket was given to me last March by my Secret Sister from church.  It's filled with green laundry detergent, a bottle of Sprite, several Granny Smith apples and two cans of green beans.  There are so many possibilities for this and would make a fun shopping trip!


Anonymous said...

That is a cool idea! My Girl Scout troop has a meeting Sunday, I am planning on making rice krispie treats with a little green food coloring in the marshmellows. Green is our theme is month.


Julie said...

I was a Girl Scout for several years as a girl and later worked as a secretary at our local Girl Scout council before my babies were born. Happy memories from both times. Thanks for your comment which stirred them up! Enjoy your green RK treats!