Thursday, January 9, 2014

Word of the Year

To recall to the mind; think of again
To recall to the mind with effort and determination
To retain in the mind; keep carefully in memory
To keep someone in mind as worthy of affection or recognition
--The American Heritage Dictionary

About this time every year I find myself in a rather reflective mood.  I guess it comes from the shedding of an old year and the blossoming of a new one.  Wondering what God has in store for me this year, what lessons He’s got on the queue, how He’s going to stretch me into a closer representation of Himself. 

Over the last week I've read several blog posts by various writers about how they’re choosing a word for the New Year.  Not just any word, mind you, but a word to reflect an area of spiritual growth in which they hope to camp out on this year.  A word on which to meditate, study, reflect, apply, and grow into.   Seeing that I have this thing for words, the idea immediately resonated with me.

So, over the past few days I’ve been praying to the Word about what word He would have me explore.  PEACE came to mind immediately as He’s been teaching me how to deal rightly with anxieties regarding situations that range from the absolutely ludicrous to a very real reality.  But my spirit didn’t quicken.  TRUST was the next one that floated to my consciousness – probably because He’s been gently but faithfully growing me to trust Him on new levels.  But that wasn’t it. 

It came today.  REMEMBER.  As soon as it entered my mind, I knew it to be the one.  To the forefront of my memory came a conversation M. and I had last weekend about how often the LORD gives us commands, symbols, memorials, etc., so that we might remember Him.  REMEMBER.  I need to REMEMBER because I too often forget.  I want to spend less time this year listening to myself and more time this year talking to myself.  Reminding myself, aloud if necessary, of His truths, of His promises, of all that I know about Him and about me, according to Him. 

I want to REMEMBER. 

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