Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

My paperwhites are blooming!

4904.) for another year of Marty
4905.) that I need not go out in this snowstorm but can stay warm and cozy right here
4906.) that I need not be a slave to my thoughts - I can choose to control them instead of being controlled by them
4907.) for the incredible intricacy and abilities of our minds
4908.) for beef noodle soup on a cold winter's night
4909.) for Your glorious name - there is great power in it (Psalm 72:19)
4910.) that You want relationship rather than ritual (Hosea 6:6)
4911.) that You are the One Who is and Who was (Revelation 16:5)
4912.) that a happy heart is like good medicine (Proverbs 17:22)


Lori in Texas said...

I have that bowl, Julie... a thrift store treasure *-D Lovely flowers -- breath of spring! Hubbins planting onions and potatoes today...hee

Lori in Texas said...

BTW, read your marriage article on heart2heart newsletter today.... blessed me.

Julie said...

Planting onions and potatoes in January - unfathomable!! Did you get my e-mail about the herbal book review?

Lori in Texas said...

Thank you! I'm hoping that book will arrive in my mailbox today... I will probably want to read it all in one big gulp!