Thursday, December 12, 2013

Moments of Peace & Joy

12/9/13 -
Moment of Peace:  Looking out the church windows during the sermon and seeing it snowing.
Moment of Joy:  The awe-filled reaction and excited expression of the little boy who saw the same thing.

12/10/13 -
Moment of Peace:  Being outside, tramping around in the lovely snow, taking care of all the animals.
Moment of Joy:  When the scent of Douglas firs hit me in the face in the Christmas tree lot.

12/11/13 -
Moment of Peace:  Standing on the porch with a warm bowl of homemade maple sugar and cinnamon oatmeal in my hands, surrounded by yet another snowfall coming down so beautifully - the comforting contrast between warm and cold was bliss.
Moment of Joy:  Opening the ornament boxes and re-living a hundred memories

12/12/13 -
Moment of Peace:  When going to Grandma's last evening, the view of our moonlit house as the chimney smoke hung in a line in the air.
Moment of Joy:  Lying in bed and being able to see the trail of Christmas lights snaking up the huge pine outside Eli's window.


Lori in Texas said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful word pictures -- I can see and feel everything you share. Isn't it just so sad that I have to BUY my pretty snow scenes on Christmas cards? You get to have the REAL deal... ha. How I miss my Missouri winters... My PA daughter loved a couple cozy no-school days with her boys!
Thanks for delivering a bit of frost and starlight to your friend who lives in a place where there is neither!

Brianna said...

Aw! I love the memories that christmas ornaments bring! Some good and some bad...haha ;)

Julie said...

Brianna - I am SO thankful that God gave us memories what a gift!

Lori - I wish that I could box up a pile of snow and ship it to you!! We're supposed to get more tomorrow - it sure does make a lovely backdrop for Christmas festivities . . .