Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thank You, LORD . . .

Jemima, our Chocolate Muscovy Duck
4615.) for the incredible beauty of the changing leaves that seemed to "pop" with intense color overnight
4616.) for the delicious, velvety piece of pumpkin pie that my sister-in-law made
4617.) for a nice visit with family last evening
4618.) for the creativity, generosity and kindness of the herb club ladies - they inspire me on several levels
4619.) for the comforting smell of leaves as I drove through a forest yesterday
4620.) for the anticipation of a day of Christmas bazaaring with Mom
4621.) for the beauty of the twinkling stars I watched this morning before I got out of bed
4622.) that You are my strength and shield - I trust You and You help me (Psalm 28:7)
4623.) that, by faith, I am looking for a Country that will be my own (Hebrews 11:14)
4624.) for Your wisdom regarding words - that good words are life; few words are best; wise words are incredibly valuable and a help to others; true and right words are the way to go (Proverbs 10)
4625.) that walking in the Old Way, the Good Way, brings rest (Jeremiah 6:16)

(Photo credit to Eli Druck Photography)


Brianna said...

I love when you do these posts on thankfulness! It really inspires me to look at my life and see how blessed I am ;)

Julie said...

Brianna - I'm so glad you find inspiration in these posts. Literally counting my blessings every day has become a simple but very effective way for me to remember all my blessings. They are a visual reminder of the dozens and dozens of ways that God speaks His love for me every day of my life. If you haven't already done so, I'd encourage you to find a pretty notebook and start making your own list. You'll be so glad that you did!

Brianna said...

Thanks so much! I'll definately try that!