Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Vignette of A Kindred Spirit

On Saturday afternoon, at one of the church Christmas bazaars we attended, I came across a kindred spirit.  She was an older lady, neat as a pin.  Her small table was covered with black velvet and in the corner stood a handwritten sign that said, "Antiques and Collectibles."  It was obvious that she had put a lot of time and effort into her display.  Every little vintage item that she was selling (for mere pittance, by the way) was lovingly placed in the perfect spot, each with its own homemade tag.  Her tags indicated what the item was, how old it was, and sometimes a suggestion of what to do with it.  Arranged among the items she had scattered snippets of a flat type of shrub, similar to an evergreen, which gave her table a definite holiday air.  And at the far left of the display, was a large box with a dozen or two miniature bouquets she had crafted of small, colorful sprigs of mums, tied with a scrap of fabric.  Next to the box were two tiny hedgehogs she had made from dried, natural items.  The whole table was a delight to the eyes.

I purchased from her a "1970's pack," as per the tag.  In it, she had placed a 1977 Woman's Day Christmas magazine and an old 1970 Currier and Ives fabric calendar, which I like to use as hand towels in the kitchen.  These two things were bundled in a clear bag with a homemade tag on which she had drawn a little Bethlehem star.  When I told her how much I enjoyed her display, she smiled sweetly, thanked me and told me that all her proceeds were going to the church.  She then took a bit of greenery from the table and tucked it in my bag.  She said that I could enjoy it further and that it would make everything smell good. 

A kindred spirit, indeed.

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