Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Trip to the Cabbage

No, it's not a typo.  When Ben was a little boy, he often referred to the family cabin as "The Cabbage."  We would pack up, drive down the lane, and upon his last glimpse of the cabin, he would say, "'Bye, Cabbage!"  Now I found myself doing the same thing on our trips.

Happily, however, it's time to say "Hello, Cabbage!"  And, here we are.  Before M. and I cleaned up this afternoon, it looked as if a blizzard of leaves had hit -

I took this photo on today's morning walk down the rail trail.  It was definitely a very brisk walk as it's pretty cold up here and even looked like snow (which is forecasted for later in the week).

Across from a thrift shop we stopped in today was this tiny little building which was labeled "Santa's House."  Apparently Santa is here from time to time, and the children of the town can come here to visit him.  Unfortunately, he wasn't in at the time or I would have popped it to say, "Hello!" 

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Brianna said...

Oh, that looks like lots of fun! I miss our cabin in the mountains ;)