Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inspiring October Treats

It was October and the red leaves were falling when her first time came to treat.  As the crowd flocked down the broad walk that night Elnora called, "Girls, it's my treat tonight! Come on!"

She led the way through the city to the grocery they patronized when they had a small spread, and entering came out with basket, which she carried to the bridge on her home road.  There she arranged the girls in two rows on the cement abutments and opening her basket she gravely offered each girl an exquisite little basket of bark, lined with red leaves, in one end of which nestled a juicy big red apple and in the other a spicy doughnut not an hour from Margaret Sinton's frying basket.

Another time she offered big balls of popped corn stuck together with maple syrup, and liberally sprinkled with beechnut kernels.  Again it was hickory nut kernels glazed with sugar, another time maple candy, and once a basket of warm pumpkin pies.   

-- Gene Stratton-Porter, Girl of the Limberlost


Brianna said...

Mmmm! That makes me hungry! We just made caramel apples last week. That definitely got me into the mood for autumn and all its goodies :D

Julie said...

Caramel apples sound wonderful, Brianna! I just recently pulled a recipe out of a magazine for those. I've got a bunch of apples right now to make applesauce, and your comment reminded me to save a few to try caramel apples.

Thanks! And thanks for your frequent comments - I enjoy hearing from you.

Brianna said...

MMm! Applesauce! We made cinnamon and blueberry I believe...

I miss you guys a lot, so I feel like commenting here keeps me in touch a little. Maybe I'll run into you all at the Steam -O-Rama on saturday... ;)