Monday, October 7, 2013

Herb Club: Making Terrariums

Last Friday was the October meeting of The Partners in Thyme Herb Club.  After our business discussion, the presentation for Herb-of-the-Month was given.  The member who volunteered for this month's herb chose to present info. on flax.  Donna shared some of the fascinating history of the plant, various uses, as well as several recipes.  She also passed around a tin of homemade onion-flax crackers for each of us to sample.

Our meeting then continued with the project of making terrariums.  One of the members who frequently makes beautiful terrariums as gifts gave short and simple directions in putting one together.  Miss Ada supplied us with small pebbles for the bottom layer of our glass container, sphagnum moss as the filtration agent, and potting soil as the topmost layer.  We then arranged the various plants, pieces of moss and decorative items that we each brought to fashion our individual terrariums.  It was fascinating to see all the different types of glass containers, as well as the interesting assortment of plants which we shared among ourselves.  The terrariums turned out lovely and were as varied and creative as each member of the club.

Here's mine, with and without its lid:


Brianna said...

That's really cool, but how do you keep it from molding inside the jar?

Patty said...

Very cute and useful too!

Julie said...

Brianna -

Apparently mold is a possibility (especially in a closed terrarium). The idea is to not mist it too often. Something else that helps is to remove the lid for a few days from time to time.

Kylie said...

I remember making these with Eli when we were little! Good times:)