Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The School of Life

The School of Life

We did not ask to be born and our names entered in the school of life; but here we are - willing or unwilling pupils, which is it?  Are we learning life's lessons cheerfully, gladly, optimistically; or do we chafe and fume, and fret and worry?  There are so many lessons and life is so short.

Every day our wonder increases at our Father's never-failing goodness; at the discovery of new virtues and powers in some life where they have long been dormant, or in some new beauty of this wonderful world that we had long viewed with unseeing eyes.  We need hearing ears and seeing eyes if we would acquire knowledge in the school of life.  We need to open our hearts Godward every morning and say, "Lord, make me teachable to-day."

My aged grandfather often said to me, "George, I learn something new every day."  Ah! is not every day a fresh page of life?  Is it not half the charm of life to know that each dewy morning is a door opening into a wonderful field where we have not yet walked; where the flowers of knowledge bloom, and there are new tasks awaiting us and new lessons to be learned?

-- G. W. Tuttle, The School of Life article is from the 1920 Agricultural Almanac from John Baer's Sons, Inc., Lancaster, PA

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