Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Jemima is a Chocolate Muscovy Duck that found her way to our farm several years ago.  She's always kept to herself and loves to sit on her favorite perch, a post that overlooks the pond.  But as of late, she's begun to hang around us.  She started slowly waddling after whomever happened to be out and about, always cautious but gradually working her way into our acquaintance.  As I was throwing scraps to the goats one morning, she ventured within a few feet of me.  Deciding that she might take a piece of bread from me, I got a slice from the house and threw bits to her.  She loved it and has now progressed to waddling up to the porch each morning to receive her daily allotment.  We've taken to tearing off small bits and throwing them above her head - she's darn good at catching them mid-air!  And so, in addition to a goat that thinks she's a human and a chicken that once hatched a turkey egg, we have a duck who acts like a trained seal.  What a mixed-up barnyard we have . . .

(Photo credit to Eli Druck Photography)

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