Monday, July 8, 2013

Thank You, LORD . . .

3875.) for the lovely red, white and blue flower arrangements with red glittery stars stuck in them at church yesterday and the way the morning light from the stained glass windows fell in on them
3876.) for baby feet and pigtails in the pew in front of us
3877.) for the big jar of dried parsley that my church friend presented me with - grown and harvested from her herb garden
3878.) that my favorite sweatshirt has been found!
3879.) for the three beautiful horses that crashed our family picnic yesterday - our neighbor's run-aways became our joy
3880.) that my blueberry pies turned out well (even without chocolate ice cream)
3881.) that no one got hurt when the windstorm picked up the picnic canopy and sent it flying - and that the guys caught it before it hit the pond
3882.) that we got all the food in before the rain came
3883.) that the storm forced us all into the kitchen and onto the porches
3884.) for the anticipation of clean-up picnic puttering today
3885.) for the last piece of Aunt Helen's Zucchini Cake that I polished off for breakfast
3886.) that You are good, that You are my Rock, that there is no wrong in You (Psalm 92:15)
3887.) that Your Word provides teaching, encouragement and hope (Romans 15:4-5)

(Photo credit to Eli Druck Photography)


Anonymous said...

I guess I can use your blessings as a recap of the day. Thanks!

Julie said...

The picnic had a different flair to it this year - a smaller gathering, the horses, windstorm, kitchen/porch time. Different yet good - but I guess every year's picnic has its own special flavor. Missed your presence -