Friday, July 19, 2013

Finishing Up VBS

Last week our church held its annual week-long Vacation Bible School.  Traditionally, the Sunday afterwards, the kids "take over" the Sunday school hour and church time to share what they've done during the week.  This year, the program involved not just showing the congregation what they learned but including us in a mock version of VBS.  We participated in the opening - by singing the songs the kids learned that week, watching a puppet show about the theme of the week (Compassion Found in His Shelter - based on Psalm 23), and participating in an offering for the organization that the children also gave to during the week.

After that, we broke into three groups (just as the kids did all week) and rotated through three stations - lesson time, snack time and craft time.  Our group began with a 20-minute lesson time where a gentleman taught us on the last two verses of Psalm 23.  We then moved to the basement for a snack time of donuts with hot and cold beverages.  We were also shown the kids' craft projects from the week.  They had hand-printed a bench, foot-printed two large stepping stones and finger-printed a stone of a lamb (see above) - all of which will be placed in the church flower beds.  They also made some smaller projects.  Our group's last time slot was craft time.  We were all seated at a long row of tables and chairs and instructed to color in the letters of a paper banner containing the last two verses of Psalm 23.  (The previous two groups had done the other four verses.)  It was fun watching young and old alike coloring, laughing and "bickering" together!

After group time, we proceeded back to the sanctuary to finish up with more singing, prayer and benediction, and an invitation to the annual VBS picnic at a member's home.  A fun (and clever) morning!

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Brianna said...

That is so adorable!