Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Thank-You Gift Basket

Though I'm still spending a large portion of time at my mom's, organizing and packing boxes for her impending move, my caregiving days are over.  She's back to driving and, just yesterday, went nearly all day without the use of her cane.

One day last week when I went over to do some more packing, this gift basket was waiting for me.  I assured her that it wasn't necessary, but that I loved it nonetheless!  My mom and sister are the queens of gift baskets, and this one was no exception.

The goodies:

* One of Mom's spider plants - she has quite the green thumb and loves growing houseplants
* Two boxes of chocolate-covered butter cookies - one milk chocolate, one dark - I fell in love with these things one afternoon when I was cleaning at her apartment and spied an open box of them.
* Two packages of cute Mary Engelbreit cupcake liners
* A small Mary Engelbreit tablet which I took to a recent herb club meeting - the perfect size for note-taking
* A small teapot ornament for the Christmas tree or elsewhere
* A lovely teacup with the herb, St. John's Wort, painted on it
* A package of Cherries Jubilee Nasturium seeds - I planted these yesterday and am hoping they come up well in my flower beds.  I want to use their lipstick-colored flowers in salads.
* A small package of decorative clothespins - been using a few of these to mark the pages of my Blessings Book/Calendar that lies open on my desk
* The big, gorgeous flag basket itself - I plan to carry this to my monthly herb club meeting with my notebook, lunch and teacup
* And my favorite - a thank-you card with a lovely little handwritten note in it from her

(Photos courtesy of Eli Druck Photography)

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Lori in Texas said...

Hi Julie...
So lovely to get that from your mom.

Will you do a post about your herb club? Herbs and herbal remedies have been a huge interest of mine for about seven years. Would love to hear what variety of lessons/activities you all do...

Happy gardening,