Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Book Review of The Linnet's Tale

The Linnet's Tale by Dale C. Willard is a fairy tale for grownups.  In it you'll meet the villagers of Tottensea Burrows - a neighborhood of field mice living amidst an English cottage garden.  There are the literary Fieldpea sisters; the brave Merchanty Swift; creative Opportune Baggs, Inventor; and sweet, lovable Farnaby Pockets, to name a few.  With events such as the Midsummer's Night Fancy Dress Cotillion Ball and Afternoon Teatime at The Bookish Mouse (where acorn butter and blackthorn jam on oat-seed cakes with cups of piping hot black India tea is served), you'll find yourself wishing you lived in Tottensea Burrows.  A quaint read with lots of word play, a little adventure, a dab of mystery, and a handful or two of romance - perfect to read over a cup of tea.

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