Tuesday, April 23, 2013

God's Creativity

God created.  The Personal God who has always existed has always been creative.  The evidence of His creativity we are able to see, day by day, all of our lives - the variety of notes in birdsongs . . . in woods, jungles, along lakeshores and mountain streams, and then we hear them copied in wind and string instruments.

Does the Bible rule out creativity as an unspiritual thing?  Think of all of the marvelous things which God commanded to be made for the tabernacle, and for the Temple.  The exact directions given to Moses for the tabernacle, and to Solomon for the Temple, included fantastic artworks - and meant that people needed to have the creative skills to produce these things.

It should not surprise us to read of the wonderful embroidery, silverwork, pure gold candlesticks, and bowls in these metals made with marvelous designs of almonds, with branches and flowers specified in the design.  Someone had to weave the fine linen.  Someone had to embroider with the "cunning work" . . . Someone made the veil for the Temple.  Someone made the wonderful robes for the priests.  Beauty, as well as spiritual meaning, was combined in God's given pattern.

-- Edith Schaeffer, What Is A Family?


Lori in Texas said...

Remember the famous line by Eric Liddell in the movie Chariots of Fire..."When I run, I feel God's pleasure..." I have always felt like this in my studio. Be it sewing, crafting, knitting, spinning, painting, planning, or just fiddling, the creative feelings and actions within me give God pleasure. I am reminded many times by His Spirit that our creative urges and talents were given to us primarily to be at the ready to be used in service for Him and, secondarily, for our own enjoyment of accomplishment.
As an art teacher, my motto has always been "process over product" which simply means it is more about what is happening while we are doing our art than it is about the finished piece itself.. Taken further, tho, the finished "piece" is pretty great if you are serving and worshiping your Creator while you were in the "process!"

Julie said...

Beautifully articulated, Lori - thank you.

Lori in Texas said...

Had to smile at the ART-iculated comment! hee

Have fun in the garden today....


La Tea Dah said...

Lovely words of wisdom from one of my all-time favorite authors!

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