Friday, March 29, 2013

The Benefits of His Blood

Good Friday is the day when you can do nothing.  Bewailing and lamenting your manifold sins does not itself make up for them.  Scouring your soul in a frenzy of spring cleaning only sterilizes it; it does not give it life.  On Good Friday, finally, we are all, mourners and mockers alike, reduced to the same impotence.  Someone else is doing the terrible work that gives life to the world. -- Virginia S. Owens

Last weekend at our little mountain church, the Sunday School Hour was a discussion of the benefits of Jesus' blood.  I list some of them here that they might be reflected upon and rejoiced over:

* For the remission of our sins - Matthew 26:28
* For our redemption and forgiveness - Ephesians 1:7
* That all things would be reconciled - Colossians 1:20
* That we are justified and saved - Romans 5:9
* That the deadness of our sins might be removed from our conscience - Hebrews 9:14
* Makes us fit, clothes us in purity and holiness - Revelation 7:14
* Gives us direct access to God - Hebrews 10:19
* Causes us to come near to the LORD - Ephesians 2:13
* Given liberty, washed and set free - Revelation 1:5
* Sanctifies and sets us apart - Hebrews 13:12
* Cleanses us from sin - I John 1:7
* Purchased and owned by Him - Acts 20:28
* Provides communion with Him - I Corinthians 10:16
* That we might overcome all things - Revelation 7:11

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