Friday, February 1, 2013

Showing Grace Along the Way

But Jacob said to him (Esau), "My master, you know that the children are weak.  And I must be careful with my flocks and their young ones.  If I force them to go too far in one day, all the animals will die.  So, my master, you go on ahead of me, your servant.  I will follow you slowly and let the animals and children set the speed at which we travel.  I will meet you, my master, in Edom." -- Genesis 33:13-14

A note of reflection from Matthew Henry on this passage:  "It is an unreasonable thing to tie others to our rate; we may come with comfort, at last, to the same journey's end, though we do not journey together, either in the same path or with the same pace.  There may be those with whom we cannot fall in and yet with whom we need not fall out by the way."

I so appreciate the wisdom of this insight.  Too often, I expect others to be at the same place I am on my walk Home.  I don't like for others to be lagging behind or running ahead of me.  But we are not cookie-cutter children of the LORD.  His grace is calling each of us to walk to His individually intimate promptings and whispers.  And at the same time, His wisdom provides for us the ability to encourage one another on our personal journeys without needing to be at exactly the same pace - yet headed for the same place. 

I will meet you, my sisters, in Heaven.

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