Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Christmas Traditions Quiz

Here's a little quiz I put together to share with my mom and sister during our annual Christmas outing on Friday:

Who . . .
created the character of Ebenezer Scrooge?  Charles Dickens
wrote Auld Lang Syne?  The Scottish poet Robert Burns
was the king who killed an unknown number of babies in his hunt for the Baby Jesus?  Herod
tried to abolish Christmas altogether in the 17th century?  The Puritans
popularized the Christmas tree in Britain?  Prince Albert, Victoria’s consort
made a life-sized crib scene with real people and animals in Italy which came to be known as the first crèche?  St. Francis of Assisi
wrote the play Twelfth Night in 1601?  William Shakespeare
is said to have illuminated a fir tree with candles to remind children in Germany of the starlit heavens from which Jesus descended?  Martin Luther

Where . . .
did our Christmas turkey originally come from?  South America
do they celebrate St. Lucia’s Day on December 13?  Sweden or Finland
is the New Year gift-giver known as Grandfather Frost?  Russia
did Good King Wenceslaus live?  Bohemia in Czechoslovakia
do they eat stollen at Christmas?  Germany
is St. Nicholas known as ‘Sinte Klaas’ and wears his bishop’s mitre and robes? The Netherlands
was the true Saint Nicholas from?  Turkey
does the old woman, La Befana, climb down chimneys to leave presents?  Italy

What  . . .
is the name of the period leading up to Christmas Day?  Advent
shape is a French Christmas cake?  Log-shaped
is the date of Epiphany, when Christmas decorations are traditionally taken down?  January 6
do the following have in common: chestnuts, oysters, sage and onion?  All types of stuffings
country has piñatas for the children at Christmas?  Mexico
does ‘wassail’ really mean?  Good health!
happens if you find the bean in the Twelfth Night cake?  You are king or queen for the day.

Which . . .
Roman god is connected with the New Year?  Janus (where we get January)
Jewish festival falls in December?  Hanukkah, the Feast of Lights
date is known as Boxing Day in Britain, when gifts are given to the poor?  December 26
Christmas plant hung in homes to promote fertility?  Mistletoe
nursery rhyme refers to mince pies?  Little Jack Horner
Christmas plant was associated with the crown of thorns Jesus wore at Calvary?  Holly
date is known as St. Nicholas Day?  December 6

Info. gathered from An English Christmas by Celia McInnes

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