Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nellie Has Her Kids

Early Sunday morning, the church bells over the hill were calling people to worship. And the sweet cries of newborn goats were calling me to worship right there in the barnyard. Your creation is so beautiful, Creator God, and You are amazing.

Eli’s joy nearly reached the moon.

How precious they are! Only moments old – two tiny kids, smaller than our chickens. One light brown, the color of hot chocolate mix, with a white ring around its’ back leg – just like her daddy. The other resembles a Holstein calf – black and white but with a brown tummy. Dubbed Cocoa and Emily, both girls, they quickly look for milk. Nellie doesn’t seem to get it – she’s dazed and tired and not very interested in these funny-looking fur balls that are squalling. So the boys help her and teach her. Hopefully, she’ll figure out that being a mother, though time-consuming and requiring much sacrifice, is joy itself.

Thank you, Lord, for new life. You are so good.


Kylie said...

I love the pictures of them. They are so cute! I can't wait to see them again!

fairycakegirl said...

How cute are they??