Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Want to See

Jesus asked him, "What do you want me to do for you?"

The blind man answered, "Teacher, I want to see."

Jesus said, "Go, you are healed because you believed."

At once the man could see, and he followed Jesus on the road.

Mark 10:51-52

These words caught my eye this morning as I recognize the man's request of Jesus as being one of my own lately. "I want to see." I'm not blind physically, but I often am spiritually. And I've been begging God to open my eyes to view things as He does - with His eyes, in His light. And He's answering my prayer. Gently at times peeling back the layers. At other times, ripping away the blindness so quickly that it leaves me gasping for breath, literally.

I think this man got more than he bargained for. He asks to be made to see physically. But Jesus gave him a "two-for-one" deal. I think the man was also made to see spiritually. My evidence? The words, "...he followed Jesus on the road." I hope that he continued following Jesus down the road all the days of his life.

Abba, open my eyes yet wider.

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fairycakegirl said...

Pray that my eyes open too Julie. I am trying. x