Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art Day at the Barnyard

This week Eli "opened" the last of his Christmas gifts - a day of art at a local barn-turned-studio, the Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery. He wanted me to participate alongside him. My pleasure.

We had a blast. Basics to drawing. Intro to watercolor. A chalk talk presentation set to music and the Gospel. A lesson in drawing with chalk. Lunch on the old wooden drawing table - sloppy joes with carrot sticks, organic tortilla chips, chunks of Amish-made cheese, and apple cake with cream cheese frosting. Swapping sketchbooks with the artist's son. Blacklighting our chalk drawings in the loft. Looking out the studio windows at the horses and hearing the chickens clucking while we worked. Picking through the box of free magazines. Sitting in the shadows sketching whatever we wanted for half-an-hour.

(Eli's masterpiece in chalk that he is intensely proud of!)

Thank you, Elva, for an amazing day. We'll be back!


fairycakegirl said...

He has every right to feel proud of himself. The picture is simply stunning! It sounds as if you both had a lovely day. The food sounded very scrumptious! Love Wendy

Julie said...

It's lovely to hear from you, Wendy! Thanks for your comments and am looking forward to your letter -