Friday, January 14, 2011

Ice Wreath

We made this ice wreath the day before it snowed - I was anticipating its' loveliness against a backdrop of snow and wasn't disappointed.

To make: Fill half an ice cube tray with water and a few drops of coordinating food coloring in each compartment; freeze until solid. Fill a cake pan 2/3 full with water. Set a small plastic cup or container in the cake pan for a hole for your ribbon. Put enough water in the cup so that it doesn't float. Freeze for about 45-50 minutes - there will be a thin layer of ice on top. Push the frozen ice cubes through the ice - it's just thick enough to hold the cubes in place instead of floating around. Freeze entire wreath until solid. Remove cup by running a little water in it. Release the wreath from pan by running a bit of warm water on the bottom of the cake pan. Hang with a ribbon.

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