Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Church Birthday Dinner

We had our Church Birthday Dinner this past Sunday right after services. What fun it was to celebrate everyone's birthday in this unique way! Twelve people chose a table to decorate - Eli and I picked February. (He's already decided that he wants to do his very own table next year and is trying to decide which month to sign up for!) On the Tuesday night before the dinner, we decorated our table with a theme for that month. The church family had previously signed up in their birthday month so die-cuts were readied and placed at each table in the correct months. On Sunday afternoon we then enjoyed our meal together at our individual birthday tables - it was fun getting to know others that you might not normally sit with!

The ladies signed up ahead of time to bring items for the traditional birthday dinner meal. We had meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, salads and fruit as well as a large birthday cake for everyone to share. The young woman in charge of the event pulled slips out of a basket with the various months on to determine the order that the tables would go to the buffet.

I really enjoyed this time of fellowship as I got to know some brothers and sisters better and learned some things about others that I never knew before. E. and I took photos of some of the tables:

February -

March -

June -

July -

August -

September -

October -

November -


Anonymous said...

What creative members you have at your church!

Mom2Five said...

This is such a cute event! Great way to fellowship together. What was done with the young children during this? Were they included at the monthly birthday tables? Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...
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Julie said...

The youngest children (3 and under) sat at the same tables as their mothers. Children 4 and above sat at their birthday tables - we stationed older girls or other women next to the children to help them as needed. Thanks for the question - I should have included that in my post!