Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Trip

E. took these lovely photographs on Thanksgiving Day – it was snowy and cold at the cabin which made for some beautiful scenery. We took a ride through the mountains on Thanksgiving afternoon which is when E. took these photos. The woods were just beautiful.

Some highlights of our trip:

* having my father-in-law (who visited with us for a few days) teach us a new card game called Five Crowns which we’re really enjoying
* eating supper on Thanksgiving Eve at the famous Wellsboro Diner – it was the first time the boys ate there and they loved the Christmas lights strung in the windows, how the diner sits right on a busy street corner and the huge three-layer cake sitting on the counter

* gingerbread donuts for breakfast one morning
* waking up to snow showers two mornings

* the guys’ annual hike – this time to an old slate quarry
* some great bargains at the Woolrich store on our Black Friday excursion – the kettle corn they were selling didn’t hurt either!
* sitting by the woodstove with a cup of tea quietly reading with carols playing in the background while the guys hiked

* our delicious Thanksgiving dinner – turkey breast, mashed potatoes with gravy, two kinds of filling, green bean casserole, Martin’s potato dinner rolls, pumpkin pie and leaf-shaped chocolates
* watching a different Christmas movie every night with old Dick Van Dyke shows in between
* Peanut Butter Ripple Ice Cream from Cohick’s Trading Post which tastes like it was made in our kitchen

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your pictures and Thanksgiving happenings. We enjoy cards, too. If it would not be too much trouble, could you sometime share the rules and directions?