Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yogurt Making 101

A friend recently shared with me how much she enjoys making homemade yogurt every week. Her encouragement got me to wondering if I could make yogurt at home in my slow cooker. I stumbled across this link which gives the incredibly easy instructions for making yogurt in a crockpot. I adapted this recipe simply by setting my slow cooker to between the 2nd and 3rd heat levels. The yogurt came out great - how cool is that?! The yogurt is thinner than store bought but works just fine for our smoothie breakfasts. If you want it thicker, you can add a packet of Knox gelatin to the mix to thicken it (scroll down further into her post and you'll see that mentioned). Enjoy!

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Virginia Knowles said...

I tried it and it worked! Instead of plain gelatin I added a small box of lemon gelatin. We like that flavor of yogurt, and we didn't have any suitable fruit on hand. Very good and very simple! I also made yogurt popsicles out of some of it. Thanks for sharing. ~~ Virginia at www.comewearymoms.blogspot.com