Monday, September 13, 2010


This morning during my quiet time, I was reflecting back over the events of yesterday with a heart of thankfulness. You know how every now and then you have a day that's pretty near perfect in every way? Yesterday was one of those days, and I decided to chronicle some of its' highlights here with a few notes for remembrance.

* We awoke to the welcome pitter-patter of rain after weeks of none. It wasn't a deluge to drench us or a fine mist that doesn't accomplish much, but a perfect amount to water the earth and create a thankfulness in our hearts.

* I decided to make Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes for breakfast to use some of our bumper crop of Golden Delicious apples. Most of them are stored in the basement right now and when you go down there, it smells likes an apple orchard. To make Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes, mix up your regular batch of pancakes, sprinkle in a desired amount of cinnamon (the more the better in my book) and throw in several handfuls of small pieces of diced apples. The pancakes, for some reason, get a little drier than normal with these additions but a bit of fresh maple syrup helps that right along.

* We enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship at our little church on a rainy day in September. The Sunday School discussion was excellent on the principles and relevance of the 10 Commandments. And the sermon from I Timothy 2 on the role of women within the church was humbly and obediently preached. After worship, we enjoyed a variety of conversations with a variety of brothers and sisters - I'm so thankful for the people of God. What a joy and encouragement it is to spend time in the house of the Lord with like believers each week. Next week we look forward to a Creation seminar on Saturday and Sunday with a dinner together and ice cream social afterward.

* M. grilled steaks for dinner and to that I added boiled asparagus, homemade applesauce and Rice Krispies Treats to top it off. The guys then decided on a movie marathon of some of the old Star Wars movies intermixed with a card game of "Hearts." While they played, I read some of "No Ordinary Home - The Uncommon Art of Christ-centered Homemaking" by Carol Brazo. I find her book compelling because of her honesty, transparency and thought-provoking style of writing. One of the ideas I gleaned yesterday is one I want to mull over for a few months. She mentioned that she and her family camp out on a different character of the Christmas story each year. Something struck a chord with me in that idea, and I want to think on and pray about what God would have me do with that.

* I also had time to sort through some recipes and dig through some cookbooks. This time of year always revives me and inspires me to create some different menu ideas. I came across a recipe I've been wanting to try, so I popped Crusty Potato Rounds into the oven for supper. A definite keeper -

Crusty Potato Rounds

10-12 new potatoes
Seasoned salt

Place washed potatoes in steamer over boiling water for 20 minutes or until tender when pierced (not too soft). Cool a bit and cut into 1/4" slices. Place close together on a large, greased cookie sheet and brush with butter. Place as close to the broiler as possible until crusty and golden. (This takes awhile - keep an eye on them and rotate occasionally so as not to burn the middle ones.) When crusty, flip over and brush the other side with butter and sprinkle with seasoned salt. Broil this side as well until crusty and golden.

* Ben and Caleb helped me finish up making our felt Jesse Tree ornaments, and I wrote up an explanation of the Jesse Tree as well as Scripture readings to go with each ornament. (I'll post the ornaments and readings later this week.) It feels good to have this project finished and in plenty of time for December. The next project on my list is to make a terrarium with Eli.

* Later in the evening, M.'s sister and her boys (plus two little ones they were babysitting) stopped in for their weekly Sunday visit. The adults spent most of the time in conversation about our recent trip to the cabin as well as the funeral and memories of a dear family friend. The little visitors contentedly played with our marble toys, and the big boys caught up with each other. It was a good visit.

* We finished the evening with popcorn and an episode of the old "Lucy Show" which my sister-in-law picked up at a yard sale for me. (Thanks, A. - for the videos AND the visit!)

And thank You, Lord, for such a sweet Sabbath.


Anonymous said...

We enjoy old TV shows too. There isn't much fit to watch these days. A sign of the times and the Lord's soon return? I hope!

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Anonymous said...

J: I'd like to take credit -- but it was S that found the Lucy movies at the G-burg Friends of the Library book sale and picked them up for you. A