Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Outing

For several years now, my sister and I have been doing Birthday Outings for one another each year. She has a winter birthday, and I have a summer one so we get to enjoy an outing every six months or so. The gift of time has been a blessing to each of us as we both live busy lives and don't get to see one another as often as we'd like.

Last Saturday Jen took me for my Birthday Outing. We started out for lunch at a little restaurant that she and her family enjoy frequently - the Chestnut Street Cafe. It was fun, quaint and the food was organic - an added treat. We tucked ourselves at a table in the back and enjoyed our sandwiches with mixed greens and caught up a bit. Jen pulled out piles of little notes that she had written down of the past few months of things that she wanted to tell me - funny, little things her boys had done, sermon notes and spiritual lessons learned, as well as books to share that had inspired her.

We slipped into the little used box store across the street to check out their beautiful rare books and then took a walk around the gorgeous old neighborhood. Jen recounted her recent visit to a friend's home in New York City while we oohed and ahhed over the Victorian-style homes.

We did some shopping down the street - I bought a tea strainer at a little British shop, and we popped into the Markethouse that was just closing for the day. Jen also gave me a tour of the gorgeous, 14-story Marriot Hotel in the center of town where she attended a convention several months ago. We decided to have dessert there in the lounge. Wow - what a cool experience! We decided on tea and desserts. My favorite part was having them present us with a large tea box from which we chose our tea - I picked Exotic Green Tea with Pineapple Flavoring. The desserts we shared were amazing - one was a tart made of a pretzel crust with a milk chocolate filling and coffee ice cream on the side. And the other was a chocolate lava cake with chocolate sauce, raspberry puree, whipped cream and ice cream. A sweet ending to a sweet day . . .

Thanks again, J - love you much!

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