Wednesday, December 16, 2009

With Haste . . .

""Who were these shepherds?" he (Reverend Simon) thundered. His magnified brown eyes roamed the small classroom as if demanding an answer, but no one raised a hand.

"They were merely a few local boys from over the hill! Boys like you, Tom, and you, Chester, and you, Timothy!

"When they received the word from the heavenly host and recovered from their fright, what did they do? They didn't dillydally, they didn't put it off 'til morning, they didn't wait 'til they fried up some bacon, they made haste! "And they came with haste," St. Luke tells us, they came lickety-split toward that bright and shining star, to see the wonder of the Savior, to experience His glory, to observe His mystery.""

- Jan Karon, Shepherds Abiding

O, God, that I, too, would come with haste to the Savior.

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