Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Insights on Joseph

This week in the early mornings I've been reading through parts of the Christmas story. The passage from today was from Matthew 1:19 -25 - the portion that speaks of Joseph's response to Mary's pregnancy - before and after the angel's affirmation that all was well. After reading through the passage, I then read Matthew Henry's Commentary on the portion. Two insights were revealed that I hadn't thought on before:

1.) The fact that Joseph "thought about these things" (vs. 20). When Joseph finds out about Mary's pregnancy, he thinks on his response. Joseph seemingly doesn't just react and begin to make radical decisions based on his feelings. The Scripture intimates that he spent some time thinking about how to handle the situation. Wow! If that was me, I am sure that I would have reacted by rashly making some decisions that I would probably later regret! There is definitely wisdom in thinking rationally through things - especially situations that look seemingly hopeless. Think, don't just react.

2.) The other insight has more to do with God than Joseph but does directly involve him. Matthew Henry makes the point that God didn't just choose a v**gin but a betrothed one. Though Mary was about to go through an incredibly difficult time; i.e., in regard to her reputation, circumstances, etc., God had a willing, obedient husband waiting in the wings for her. She would have someone to be of support to her in a time when many others doubted her, someone who KNEW the truth. This shouted to me of God's great care, protection and grace towards us. Even in the midst of being asked to do something incredibly hard for Him, He provides for us even before we realize that which we'll have need of. How great God's grace is towards to us!

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Patty said...

How important to think before we act. I'm afraid I don't always get this right either.

Yes, how good God is in His provision for our need!

Blessing on your day Julie.