Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Memories

Christmas Eve:

* A quiet morning to meditate on the wise men's journey
* Lots of boys ice skating on the pond
* Appetizers & stockings in the afternoon
* A sing-along, musical game, and lots of laughter at the open house
* Crab balls, Merry Mocha Nog and fruit salad with green cherries in the evening

Christmas Day:

* More ice skating
* Unwrapping the lovely wooden box Caleb made me to hold the records for my new record player
* My sister's beautiful home in all its' Christmas splendor
* My brother-in-law's incredible ham with sides of sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole and baked corn
* Playing Christmas BINGO with my extended family
* Talk over tea and coffee Christmas night at M.'s sister's


Patti said...

Hey, Julie, I must tell you this. Do you remember your recipe for crispy potato casserole. I don't remember if I got it from the newsletter or from your blog. But the first time I made it, my family loved it.

Well, we do a Christmas morning brunch, and they requested that I make that egg dish this year. And now it has been requested to be the traditional Christmas morning breakfast!!

So, your newsletter or blog have helped give our family a new tradition. Thanks so much.


Patty said...

Lovely pictures. I noticed you are reading "The Hiding Place" with your boys. I read this book when I was a teenager, what an impact it had on me. Blessings on your day.