Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LEGOs (and Christmas) in Ohio

We've been to Ohio for the past few days - it was time for our annual "Christmas" gathering of my husband's family. He has one sister who lives there, so we all pack up and travel out to spend a long weekend together playing dominoes, eating whoppie pies, catching up, eating veggie pizza, taking walks, eating shrimp, visiting a book shop, eating spaghetti and meatballs, opening stockings, eating deli sandwiches and going to church together. (Notice a theme?) Anyway, on the way out, the five of us stopped in Bellaire, Ohio, to visit The Plastic Brick Museum- home of the world's largest private LEGO collection. The museum is housed inside an old school which gives it half its' charm and is just amazing. There was a mural of Mona Lisa done in LEGOs, a life-size LEGO Darth Vader, intricate boats, a huge basketball player, large LEGO animals, a city of LEGO skyscrapers and the list goes on. One cool place to visit if you ever get the chance!

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