Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Art of Soapmaking

Today I spent a lovely day learning the art of soapmaking. A sweet, new friend generously invited me to her home to share her 10 years' worth of experience in soapmaking. We made oatmeal honey soap from start to finish. It was fascinating and fulfilling to go through all the steps and then put the "baby to bed" - a phrase my friend used referring to putting the big mold of soap in a warm place to dry for a day before being cut into 30 luxuriant, creamy bars. Not only did Terry teach me how to make soap, but fed me homemade Quiche Lorraine with blueberry muffins and hot tea for lunch. And besides all that, she sent me home with two soap-making books, odds and ends of essential oils, ingredients to make my own batch of soap, and animal cookie cutters for Eli to cut the soap into shapes. Terry's generosity encourages and humbles my heart . . .


Patty said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time. I wouldn't mind giving soapmaking a try myself. Is it very difficult?

Julie said...


I wouldn't say that soapmaking is difficult but it is precise and must be done with care. I've read about doing it and it seems intimidating. But when you actually SEE someone do it, it isn't so hard - especially when you can ask lots of questions. It just takes some time and quality supplies.